Year 2

Welcome to Year Two!



This term we are learning about minibeasts. Your mission, (Should you choose to accept it!) is to complete a project about a minibeast and present this in any way you choose. In previous years, children have: made posters of the lifecycle of a butterfly; created a 3D model of an insect; made collages, paintings and jigsaws of insects; written  information booklets about an insect or spider; we even had someone bring in a wormery that they had made!!! We look forward to seeing your creative and interesting projects!

Completed projects should be handed in by the 21st June.



Now that we have finished our SATs, Stay and Play sessions will return on Wednesday mornings from 8.45-9.10. May we say a big thankyou to all our parents for their continued support!


Stay and Play Timetable




Reading activities and games


Topic Based Activity


Reading activities and games


Topic Based Activity


Reading activities and games


Topic Based Activity


Reading activities and games

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Autumn Term 1 Topic

The topic is The Stormin' Normans. We investigatE what life was like in the middle ages and what the Bayeux Tapestry tells us about the time. We visit Conisbrough Castle and explore how it was designed to withstand attacks from invading armies, as well as learning about Knights through the ‘Horrible Histories’ tv programme. 


Autumn Term 2 Topic

 The topic is Burn Baby Burn. We investigate the story behind Bonfire Night, create descriptive bonfire poetry and colourful firework pictures, before exploring a range of historical sources about the Great Fire of London. 

 Additionally, we find out how the Fire Brigade began and how it has developed into modern day firefighting methods. Our topic culminates with a visit to Maltby Fire Station, following which we create fire safety posters for the local community.


 Spring Term 1 Topic

The topic is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We explore pop art by Andy Warhol, investigate what happens to materials when they are heated and/or cooled. We also research Fair trade and in ICT make posters by changing the font, inserting pictures from Clip Art and using Word Art. We also design and make our own chocolates and packaging. 


Spring Term 2 Topic

The topic is 'Katie Morag'. We read the stories and generate character descriptions, investigate the wildlife of the Scottish Highlands and coastal regions. We compard and contrast the Scottish Isles with Maltby.  Additionally we plan and conduct our own Wedding Ceremony like in the story 'Katie Morag and the Wedding'. As part of this project we design wedding invitations, build a wedding car, create table decorations, make our own cup-cake wedding cake and ice it. 


Summer Term 1 Topic

This topic has two key elements "The Twits" By Roald Dahl and Nocturnal Animals. We create Mr and Mrs Twits house in our role play and have great fun recreating the wierd and wacky tricks they play on each other. Additionally we create a variety of artwork using collage and sculpture of both the Twits andnocturnal animals. We participate in a Bat Hunt and create our very own bird feeders and bird boxes.


Summer Term 2 Topic

This topic is 'The Ugly Bug Ball'. We conduct Minibeast Hunts around school, sorting and classifying the insects that we find and producing graphs to show our findings. As part of this topic we visit Clumber Park, where we go pond dipping and tree shaking to compare the insects and creatures found in different habitats. As part of this topic we also take part in a short production performing poems and songs with a minibeast theme.


General Information:


  • Our PE day is Thursday. Please ensure your child has a kit consisting of a tshirt, shorts or jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers or pumps.
  • Homework: Children are expected to read at home daily and will be given a set of spellings to practise at home weekly. In addition children will receive a project to complete each half term.