Year 3




It has been a productive year, Miss Sartin and Mrs Purshouse are proud of the progress the children have made this year. We are looking forward to our visit on Wednesday 17th July ... Please make sure that you have ..


  • fetched in your permission slip
  • paid your money
  • A hat
  • suncream
  • lunch from the list in a carrier bag with your name on
  • have suitable shoes
  • an extra drinks bottle


but most of all ... please remember to ...... HAVE FUN!!!!!!!





Our final topic for the summer term is ...



Vicious Vikings



  • We will establish who the Vikings were and when the Viking period was using a timeline.
  • We will use artefacts and other evidence to find out what daily life was like in Viking times.
  • We will find out where the Vikings came from and where they settled, all about family life and the clothes they wore.
  • We will find out reasons why the Vikings came to Britain and what clues they have left us of their visit.




At the end of the topic we will be going on a visit to the Danelaw Dark Age Village near York. During this visit children will have the opportunity to be a Viking for a day! Further details of this visit will follow ....... watch this space!! Check out the web links below.





 Pirates of the Caribbean


We will be finding out about the history of pirating from the days of smugglers to the present day pirates in Somalia. We will be using a variety of historic sources to find out as much as we can about the lives of pirates. We will also be watching the film Pirates of the Caribbean and a lot of our literacy work will be around this. We will be looking at geography around the Caribbean and creating treasure maps using compass points and grid co-ordinates.



Here are some links to look at for further learning and research ...







Our new P.E. days will be Monday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child has their P.E. kit on these days as it is an important part of your child's education and therefore it is important that they are in appropriate clothing. Ear-rings need to be taken out on the morning of their P.E. lesson.


Please ensure that as part of the children's homework that they read regularly at home. This will help them to keep on top of their learning and not fall behind.



This weeks Homework!




Keep an eye on this it will change every week


Mrs Purshouse's numeracy group ... your homework this week will be ... times tables .


Class 31 - research about Vikings! Whatever you find out fetch and share with the class.




Celebration Assemblies


Special mentions 7th June


Holly Vaughan for a stunning painting of a Viking Longship  


Always - 3.6.2013


Kadie Britton and Jodie Gibbons


Special Mentions 17th May

Holly Vaughan for a stunning pencil sketch of an old bottle



Special Mentions - 10th May


Ebony Taylor for just being outstanding all the time!



Special Mentions - 3rd May


Lauren Everton for researching information on famous pirates and producing an information book with it.


Always class 31 25.3.2013

Chantell Smtih

Kadie Britton


Special Mentions -  22.3.13

Fallam Harvey and Tia Guest for helping Kadie settle into her new school.


Always Children Class 31 18.3.13

Alisha Marshall

Jodie Gibbons


11.3.13 - Always children

Class 31

Fallam Harvey

Lauren Everton


4.3.13 - Always Children


Class 31

Kian Smith

Lauren Everton


1.3.13 - Special Mentions


Class 31 - Harry, Kiera and Chantell for completing their pryamid homework project.


Always Chidlren - 11.2.13


Courtney Foster

Masie Wood

Ebony Taylor


Homework for Class 31

Your homework for this topic is to build a pyramid. You can make it out of anything you want!


Always Children - 4.2.13


Class 31

Chelsie Short

Kiera Bowns


Special mentions - 1.2.13


Class 32 - Kieran Smith and Dylan Tingle for trying hard with their reading with Mr Doran.


Class 31 - Shaun Gill for settling well into his new school and doing a wonderful painting of the pyramids


Always children 28.1.13


Class 31 - Chantell Smith and Chelsie Short


Class 32 - Alex Widdowson and Ellie McCorrie


Special mentions 18.01.13.


Miss Sartin's class


Shammuss for putting 100% into his writing.


Paige  for the piece of writing she did about Tutankhamun.


Mrs Purshouse's class


Khalid and Chelsie for putting 100% effort into their maths work




Our topic for the Spring Term is ......


Tomb Raiders!


We will need to watch Indiana Jones in order to help us with our work.


We will be learning about Ancient Egypt.


  • Mummification
  • Pharaohs
  • Life, homes, clothes and jobs
  • Howard Carter and his discovery of Tutenkhamen's tomb
  • Locating Egypt on a map - finding out about the people and climate
  • Joseph and his technicoloured dreamcoat 



check out these websites to help your learning at home



In the Autumn term we were learning about ....


The Local Area


We have looked at how Maltby has changed.

We have researched local landmarks and monuments.

We have compared the old school and the new school.

We have also looked at the history of mining in Victorian Times.


We have learnt about Roche Abbey as well as how Maltby has changed. We have been learning what it was like at the old Crags School and looked at lots of old photographs.



Art Week

During Art Week class 31 designed and made an African Batik.




This is Charley's Batik

Here is an example of one of the pupils work.



We visted St Bartholomew's Church

We learnt about the history of the Church and about Christianity