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What is Read Write Inc?

This is a new and innovative English programme we are trialling with our readers who are below a Level 3 in reading. In other schools where the programme has been used children have been shown to make accelerated progress in both Reading and Writing! 


Who is on the programme?

All children in Foundation are on the programme and are taught in ability groups. Children from Year 1 to Year 4 who are below a Level 3 in reading are also grouped by their ability.


How does it work?

The English language is a very complicated one. Did you know it is made up of 44 sounds and that there are many different ways of writing these sounds? Read Write Inc is a rigorous and highly strucuted programme that teaches children: the different ways of recognising these sounds; how to blend these sounds into words when reading; and how to segment/ split them up for spelling. The books/ texts that children read within the lesson only contain words & sounds children have been taught before ensuring that children have the skills to successfully read the text and therefore boosting learners confidence & chances of succeeding!


Want to Find Out More?

We are currently planning a parents meeting (September 2013) to demonstrate exactly how we teach Read.Write Inc so watch this space for further details!!!

In the meantime why not take a look at these videoclips...


How to Teach Set 1 Sounds:







What is Assisted Blending:



How to Teach Set 2 Sounds






How to Teach Set 2 Sounds and Nonsense Words:




What are Special Friends?





Alternatively there are tips and advice about: how to encourage boys to read; information about the Phonics Reading Check for Year One Childre; Key facts about the Year Six Spelling Punctuation and Grammar Tests as well as FREE E-BOOKS to download at,

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Grammar and Punctuation




Games for Lilac Readers




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Games for Green, Purple and Pink Readers


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Games for Blue Readers and Beyond


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