Physical Education



Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school every day. PE is an important part of your child's learning and as part of the healthy lifestyle teaching they need to understand that in order to do exercise correctly the proper kit should be worn.

At Crags Community School PE Kit should include ...

White T-Shirt

Black Shorts

Black pumps or trainers (Please check these periodically to ensure they still fit.)





PE Overview for KS1 & KS2 2013-2014


Autumn   Term 1

Autumn   Term 2

Spring   Term 1

Spring   Term 2

Summer   Term 1

Summer   Term 2





Gymnastics & Dance



Main   skill development:

Invasion game

Striking and fielding

Invasion game

Hand-eye co-ordination

Themes around music, art and shapes

Net-wall games

Passing and moving



Year One 

We shall learn some basic passes and ways of moving with the ball and will learn how to work in small teams. Lessons will incorporate the correct ways to hold the hockey stick and basic stance whilst passing in hockey


Year Two

Year Two will learn how to use the 'push pass' and the correct stance when holding a hockey stick. They will learn the basic rules needed to play hockey and will progress into games towards the end of skilled sessions


Year Three

This year we will again focus on the 'push pass' and will learn how to stop the ball using correct body position. We shall investigate reaction times in the skilled sessions and will introduce the 'slap shot' before attempting to apply our skills in short games.


Year Four

The skilled sessions will consolidate the use of passing and moving, using the push pass , the slap shot and the correct body position. Learners will further explore the use of the slap shot in short games


Year Five

Year Five will be looking at the different rules of the game and will work together to find out how to adopt them into the skilled sessions. Our aim is to develop the group’s awareness and understanding of the rules needed in hockey to allow them to self managed a hockey game.


Year Six

In Year Six Learners will consolidate their use of the basic skills covered so far, with increasing speed and accuracy whilst applying these in self managed hockey games.