Religious Education

Religious Education


Welcome to our Religious Education Page. Here you will find information about what we teach in RE as well as links to cool websites for kids.


 Year 1

  In year One we learn about why we are special and unique, the people that matter most to us and special figures within Christianity such asthe Pope and Jesus. We also find out about special festivals including Chinese New Year and Christmas  and explore the ways in which they are celebrated. In Spring we discover the importance of baptism for Christians. During Multicultural week, we  compare Hinduism and how Indian culture differs from that of Christians by exploring the festival of Divali and investigating some of the many Gods they worship. During out final term we explore the religious story of creation and create our own story books using publishing packages on the PC.


  Year 2

In Year Two we compare Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We begin by investigating places that are special to us, the local community and places that are special to other faiths including Churches and Synagogues. After, we explore how religious festivals are celebrated including Hannukah and Christmas. In Spring we learn stories about Moses and find out about Jewish Passover, before considering the religious significance behind Easter and the importance of Lent in the Christian Calendar. During the Summer Term we compare how weddings are celebrated across the three faiths, before planning and participating in our own 'Christian wedding ceremony'.


Year 3

During the Autumn term, we read a selection of bible stories and discuss  what the morals are that underpin them. In Spring we explore Islam in more detail, considering: the importance of the Qur'an and comparing its teachings with those of the Bible; finding out about the Islamic Pilgrimage to Mekkah; how prayer is conducted and the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr. We also explore the Christian Festival of Easter in more detail. Finally, in the Sumemr term we explore the importance of the Church in the Christian faith. In doing so, we compare photos of St. Bartolomews Church from the Victorian era with the modern church. The topic culminates with a visit to the church, where we are often lucky enough to ring the Church Bells!

Year 4 


During our Autumn term topic about the Tudors we find out about the origins of the Church of England, how and why it was set up. We visit Roache Abbey, and use the internet to research its origins and how monks once worshipped there, before  producing an information leaflet about it. In December we look at Christian traditions andhow food is used during the celebration of Christ,ans. In the spring term we consider moral dilemmas and issues including gang culture, knife crime,  grafitti, lyrics in modern rap music, before exploring religious wall frescoes - street art from the middle ages and how their is a moral messages underpin them. Finally, in the Summer term we consider our rights and responsibilities and inspirational figures such as Nelson Mandella and Scott of the Antarctic.

 Year 5

 In Year Five we explore the plight of Polar Bears as a species and consider both the moral and scientific consequences of hunting them and Global Warming. We create posters informing people about what they can do to help the global issues of polar bear extinction and protecting the environment. Additionally, we look at footage of the earthquake in Haiti and discuss the involvement of religious groups in delivering aid in the aftermath. In December we discover the many ways in which Christmas is celebrated throughout the world e.g. the story of Babushka in Russia, and the origins of the Christmas Tree. During our Spring Term topic about the Greeks we compare and contrast British and Greek weddings before planning and conducting our very own 'Greek style wedding ceremony'. At Easter we explore the religious meaning behind Easter eggs and make our own egg to take home as a gift. We begin the Summer term by exploring the inspirational story of Grace Darling, before looking at inspirational figurees of the modern era from the ‘Pride of Britain Awards’. From this, we consider how we as individuals can be inspirational for others.


Year 6


RE in Year Six, begins by exploring the Jewish Faith in more detail. We Look at special objects and their significance including: a mezuah, the star of David, a menorah, a shemah scroll. We consider the 10 commandments and how they impact on Jewish life and how worship is conducted. During our topic 'Is it right to fight?' we also discover how and why Hitler persecuted the Jews. Our Spring Term lessons begin with the Story of Creation before considering how global issues such as the destruction of the Rainforests in South America are affecting our planet and how this makes us feel. Finally, in the Summer term we look at what it means to be a Christian, before finding out about the lifestyle choices of people within in other religions eg Muslims not drinking alcohol or Jews only able to eat kosher meat. We explore our feelings, thoughts and concerns about our  transition to the Academy and ways of allaying these fears. Then we move onto the issues surrounding peer pressure that may affect youngsters today and how following religious  ways of life are not always easy as a result.


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