Crags Community School

Positive Childhood Experiences


Just as there are adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that play a role in the future success of children, there are also 7 positive childhood experiences (PCEs) that can offset their damage.  There are seven experiences included in the positive childhood experience (PCE) psychometric analysis performed by 'JAMA Pediatrics'.  They state that parents and caregivers can control most of the PCEs, which are shown to improve resiliency and reduce the likelihood of developing mental health issues in adulthood.

The seven positive childhood experiences are listed below:

  1. I am able to talk with my family about my feelings.
  2. I felt that my family stood by me during difficult times.
  3. I enjoyed participating in community traditions.
  4. I felt a sense of belonging in school.
  5. I felt supported by friends.
  6. I had at least two non-parent adults who took a genuine interest in me.
  7. I felt safe and protected by an adult in my home.

By intentionally introducing each PCE to children’s lives, we give them the necessary tools they will need for long-term success, happiness, and resilience and with this in mind we shape our curriculum drivers and provision ensuring that our children have exposure to these experiences wherever possible.

This recent discovery comes from a John Hopkin’s study published in 2019. Researchers were looking to determine if any “protective childhood experiences” could be linked with positive outcomes as adults—increasing resiliency and offsetting some of the trauma or damage caused by adverse childhood experiences such as abuse, a serious accident, witnessing something traumatic, bullying, neglect, dysfunction in the home, etc.


To enhance our curriculum offer and provide global experiences we use a resource called Lyfta during our lessons and carry out a weekly 'Lyfta Time' session. This ensures that throughout their time at Crags pupils will have the opportunity to engage in a positive experience in every country of the world.

For more information about Lyfta, please click on the icon to take you to their website.