Crags Community School


Academy Council Agendas and Minutes

Below are copies of the Local Governing Body agendas and minutes.  Reports on the agendas for any of these meetings are available to the public for public inspection.  If any member of the public would like to request a copy of any of the reports from a meeting agenda, please submit a request in writing , specifying which reports are being requested to

Meetings 2022-23

Agenda 30.11.22     
Agenda 08.03.23
     Minutes 08.03.23

Agenda 21.06.23

Meetings 2021-22

Agenda 06.10.2021      Minutes 06.10.2021

Agenda 01.12.2021      Minutes 01.12.2021

Agenda 02.02.2022      Minutes 02.02.2022

Agenda 09.03.2022      Minutes 09.03.2022

Agenda 04.05.2022      Minutes 04.05.2022

Agenda 06.07.2022      

Please note the published minutes will include the previous academic year and the current academic year for record management purposes.  Should you wish to see minutes from previous years, we will happily provide these to you and would ask that you follow the FOI process as stated above.